About GPSA Ediboard


This is the official literary committee of the Association, GPSA-KNUST.

It gives vibrant and enthusiastic artists a platform to embrace their gifts and also a voice to tell the world their stories.

We are committed to enhancing the experience of students and other parties alike primarily through writing, and the creative arts like painting, spoken word etc.

It is the information bank of the association. That is, it informs, educates and keeps the members of the association abreast with the history, current trends, major development and other pertinent issues as far as the association is concerned.


The Editorial Committee is a hybrid community of people pleasantly mutated by a cross between the worlds of writing and pharmacy. As the Editorial Committee, we are committed to a vision to create art that captures the different shades and hues that highlight the lives of student pharmacists which we execute through skilful mastery over words.

As artists and student pharmacists, our craft can only truly be appreciated when we reflect the hearts of the people as intoned in our pieces. We exist to represent everyone and every side of our GPSA. And so though we exchange a pestle for a quill, we understand that in compounding the best story we cannot overlook the diverse yet unique blend of talents and personalities that characterize the GPSA. This we emphasize in the various vibrant colours that make up our logo. Undoubtedly, our call as friends of the human race is rightfully cemented with the signature mortar exquisitely adorned with the symbolic Rx and GPSA’S Ink because that is who we are: a hybrid born of a love for creativity that offers therapy!



The Ediboard is the experience of the pharmacy student, written. We are the memory bank of the collective student body. We aim to become a trusted brand that documents and brings to life the activities and interactions of pharmacy students. We take the pulse of the GPSA and document their views and their thoughts on events affecting us, whether mundane or important. We aim to project a clear picture of what it is to begin, pass through and graduate from the PHARMD program. We strive to leave indelible prints in the hearts and minds of the members of the association. We are, in short, the mouthpiece of the student. We are GPSA’S INK.


The goal of the EDIBOARD is;

  • To revive the seemingly dwindling love for literature and writing amongst the pharmacy students by applying our individual arts in writing mixed with exciting and humorous trends that informs, educates and entertains.
  • To explore and unleash the creativity in pharmacy students so as to evolve into holistic pharmacists who fit perfectly in a dynamic world and are beacons of positivity for the profession.
  • To hewn a massive network of students and pharmacists connected by creative writing and the will to make the world a better place through the various forms of literature.


  • Publishing newsletters
  • Providing contents for pharmacy related events and local gossips (filla)
  • Articles and thrilling stories
  • Blogging
  • Quote of the week
  • Today in history
  • PharmBuzz
  • Debating

Photocredit : Aba

Logo: Solomon & Naadu

Motto credit: Paul

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