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Stancey Bediako Boahene Yeboah is 21 years old and a 4th year Doctor of Pharmacy student. He was born and bred in Accra,Ghana, to Mr and Mrs Boahene Yeboah. He is the second of four sons.
Growing up, he spent most of his days with his family. He attended Falsyd Foundation school, then moved on to Presbyterian boys secondary school. This decision was inspired by the excellent grades that students of PRESEC-Legon are known for, as well as the exceptional proficiency of their alumni particularly in the health profession.
Stancey always had a passion for the health profession, and it was his dream to be a doctor. However, little did he know he would end up in pharmacy school. This he describes as a “miracle”.
To him, every year in Pharmacy has been remarkable, and with support from friends, he has been able to do well.
Stancey is a member of Pharmedia .
His favourite quote is that “A man plans his steps but God directs his steps”

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